18 agosto, 2011

we ♥ running!

(...) Truth is, I absolutely hate being in competitive sports, or any activity that will require a result in the end. Which is why, I came to discover running.

Running is cheap and can be practised anywhere ( I live in Canada and as long as there´s no snow on the ground, once a day you´ll find me outside running. When winter sets in, I run at the gym, but treadmills make me feel like a hamster). Running has no rules, no purpose*, and , best of all, it´s a wonderfully lonely activity. I enjoy being on my own, maybe a bit too much, but you see, I need that time.When I run, I just leave it all behind, solely focused on breathing and not trippping. That´s it. My ADHD mind desperately needs that one hour to decompress and think whatever it wants, no matter how weird it is. There´s no censorship when I run. I can make lists in my head, finish the short story I started writing and got stuck on, have a mental showdown with my boss… Anything goes. I just put my shoes on, pick whichever playlist suits my mood and get on my way.

And let´s not forget all the awesome benefits for your health. Running is an awesome cardio, it burns those cookies you shouldn´t have eaten just like that! And whenever you meet another lonely runner and your eyes meet, there´s always that ” Good for you!” look and smile of recognition. :) (...)

Quem escreveu foi a Marina Ramalho no "Inside Out", mas como recém-descoberta-corredora-apaixonada, podia ter sido eu... pra ler o texto completo, clica!

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